Top 7 undisclosed reasons | Why do employees leave jobs ? Read Here

Why do employees leave jobs ?


  1. They are not valued or appreciated for their contributions. But pointed out on even a negligible error.

  2. Inflexibility in breaks, lunch time, work from home, sick days, family leave, and further education.

  3. Trespassing on their personal time. Asking them to leave the office late, work on weekends or interrupting them while on vacation.

  4. Showing no interest in their personal development.

  5. Not caring about them as a person or showing concern especially when they are dealing with illness, bereavement…etc

  6. No Integrity – Always looking to blame others and not standing up for your team.

  7. Lack of trust – Micromanaging them. You monitor their every movement.

They leave their BOSSES ! NOT THE COMPANY.

If you also have some thoughts on this, please share with all of us.

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