Summer Jobs in Italy


Italy is an amazing country and is one of the top tourist destination anywhere in the world. The country has so much history, culture and amazing natural beauty. Whether you are looking to visit the ski resorts in the north or head to the coast and explore the Italian Riviera you certainly will not be disappointed.

Each summer various resorts employ summer staff to work in many different positions to ensure all of the guest traveling to the area have an enjoyable experience. Now if you have never has a seasonal summer job before then it might sound like the greatest thing ever, I mean spending the summer time hanging out in a cool resort what could be better. Well the thing to remember is that in these positions you are not just on holiday you are there to work. In fact you often work much harder than you would in other carers.

So the big problem is deciding exactly where you would like to spend your summer working in Italy and what options you have! below is a list of some of the most popular destination for summer jobs in Italy.

1 – Gulf of Genoa, this area also recognized as the Italian Riviera and welcomes thousands of visitors every summer. When looking for a summer job in this area there are literally endless options. You can approach the many bars, restaurants and nightclubs in this area and ask about positions that they may have during the summer months. You could also look at approaching one of the many hotels to see if they have any openings, these positions include customer service positions, facilities staff and sales opportunities. Some of the largest hotel chains around can be found in this area with many different types of positions that require staffing. This is basically your typical summer resort area, well it is the Italian Riviera so it’s not exactly just your typical resort but it offers the same jobs you would find in many beach resorts.

2 – Lakes and mountains – the lakes and mountains of Italy are very spectacular and stretch all the way up to the border with Italy, the pace of life in these areas is very slow and there are all kinds of opportunities for seasonal staff in these areas . In addition to the regular customer service and guest services jobs there are also many other great opportunities in outdoor adventure positions, whether it be rock climbing, sailing instructors, rafting positions.

3 – The common spots – well when you think of Italy most people automatically think of Rome, Milan, Venice and these major cities that are famous around the world. These are fantastic destinations to live and work with all kinds of great opportunities although some of the cities empty out a little in the really hot summer months as the locals migrate to the lakes, mountains and coastal areas. Like with most major cities there is a wealth of different opportunities depending on what exactly it is you wish to do.

Legal Stuff – So if you are hiring to find one of the many summer jobs Italy has to offer then there are certainly many great opportunities however it is important you do your research and check out the legal requirements first. If you are an EU passport holder then it is pretty simply, you can travel to the country and start finding work right away. However if you are not an EU passport holder then things can become a little more challenging, you will need to look into obtaining a temporary work visa so that you can legally apply for any positions. It is possible to obtain these visas through exchange programs such as Bunac. The help people looking to travel obtain exchange visas so that they can legally work in certain locations for a short period of time.

Source by James Robert Kavanagh