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About Nirvana Woods, Shimla

Shimla “Breathe in the air heavy with aroma of beautiful flowers, feel the grass moist with the last night’s dew. Stretch your legs and spread your arms gazing at the stars. Relish your own picturesque garden and behold the breathtaking views of the lush green mountains.Flick the latest 3D TV and enjoy the movie. Live a life you have always aspired for. A life full of exclusiveness when you want to be just yourself. Live where luxury surrenders at your feet.

Ever thought of Exploring the Wild Nature around you?Did you a get a ‘Chance’ to…?

Ever stayed and Rejoiced in the Lap of Raw Nature…?


Wish you could do it ‘Often’Welcome to blissful natural surroundings and ultra luxurious facilities in an environment free from the pollution of urban life.Built not just by our architectural hands but also by our hearts to suit your styles of living.Here you distinguish between existing and living… … …bridging between paradise and your home.We bring you castles from the heavens to tuck away in and indulge in the presence of extreme serenity.EXPLORE YOUR WORLD IN A WHOLE NEW IMAGE WITH USTreasured castles – the ultimate in luxury, elegance, and serenity in a friendly and secure neighbourhood with excellently built, three unique magnificent structures to stun your soul.


The exquisite beauty and liveliness of Shimla is well known and experienced by many. But, most of us don’t want to just ‘experience’ it for a small time, rather dwell in it – immerse their lives herein. A marvelous destination of pleasure-full living amid the greens, fresh air and water, untouched by the chaos of the city – a lifestyle embarked upon pure air and healthy environment. Traveling through the nature’s beautifies had never been so easy as having a home in the heartland of the eternal nature.

Pre – Openings @Nirvana Woods Shimla

  • F & B Service
  • Kitchen -Executive Chef
  • Front Office
  • Executive /AM
  • Sales Manager , Sales Executive

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