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Interview Questions – It’s time to change


Interview Questions – It’s time to change

It’s time to change the recruitment strategy, because of this sometime we lose potential candidates. There are many interview questions which are actually irrelevant to the job for which interview is happening. Rather than checking the potential benefits of candidates and qualities to perform the job role, recruiters asked the questions which will have no connections with the job role. Let’s go through some of the similar questions :-

HR Manager : What are your weaknesses?

Candidate: I do not react well to stupid questions.

HR Manager: Why are you leaving your current company ?

Candidate: Well, I am not leaving yet.

HR Manager: Why should we hire you ?

Candidate: What do you expect me to say, something immodest ? Or something I looked up on the Internet yesterday ?

HR Manager: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Candidate: In the mirror. or At a company that asks smart questions on interviews.

Many HR Managers and recruitment industries do not spend enough time selling jobs to candidates. They keep asking the same interview questions and getting the same prepared answers. Instead of explaining what the job entails, what the environment is like, why the candidate should take this job, etc, we ask questions like these and good ( and SMART) people hate these questions. To hire smart people, we should stop asking stupid questions.

And above all, treat candidates with respect, just like everyone else. Do you agree ?

Replace above questions with provably the below questions :-

  1. Here is why you should join our company
  2. Here is where we see you in 5 years
  3. What else is important to you to make a decision to join us ?

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Friends, if you all also came across with certain questions which were purely irrelevant with the job, please post below in comments . Also subscribe our blog below for regular job updates directly  to your email box.

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