Important Job Interview Tips to Land That Job!


Job Interview Tips

If you are currently looking for a new position I have some job interview tips for you that I am certain will help! I have outlined some great job interview advice below.

Effective interview skills are a must but how in the world do you prepare for it?

We all know that being interviewed can be one of the most stressful events in your life.

It ranks up there with public speaking!

I can certainly understand why! A new job awaits you if you are successful.

If not, you have to return to your old position, if you have one.

A long with that new job comes most likely an increase in salary.

That makes your life a little better for you and your family.

There is a lot at stake! Failure means having to continue on with our job search and more of what you hate the most – another job interview. That is why I am hoping that these job interview tips will help!

So how do we get pasted all of the fear and start approaching it with confidence?

How do we prepare for an interview?

How can we prepare in a way that is going to truly help us put our best foot forward?

It starts with something pretty basic!

As someone that has spent many years interviewing all types of professionals from Engineers to Directors, believe me when I tell you that I have a pretty good handle on what you can do to prepare.

It starts with something pretty basic, but will take some time and effort to research.

My first job interview tip is to understand the company and person you are interviewing with. I have had more than one person show up to my office and not even know how to spell the name of our company. Some didn’t know how to spell or pronounce my name.

I will say I didn’t spend a great deal of time trying to decide if this was the right person for the job or not! If they didn’t take the time to find out these basic pieces of information, why would they put any more effort into the job if hired? They could have easily asked the receptionist or my secretary prior to the interview. No effort – No Job!

Look up the company on the Internet!

Now the above is the bare minimum you should find out. I would encourage you to find out as much as possible about the company and the position you are applying for.

Just as an example, you may want to look up the company on the Internet and see what you may find. If it is a large company you may be able to pull up financial information or any recent news articles that have been written on them. You may also find out if they are introducing anything new to the industry that you may have expertise in.

Learn as much as you can about them and this is going to impress the person interviewing you! Trust me! If possible, work this type of information into your responses, but make it relevant.

No “ME” responses!

Next stay away from “ME” responses!

What is a “ME” response?

It is any response that only has to do with you.

How much is the salary? What are the benefits? How much vacation will I earn? Do I get holidays off? Do I have to work weekends?

There will be plenty of time for these when and if you are offered the job! If you ask them prior to the job offer you may not have to worry about a job offer!

I almost shut down my listening skills every time someone would start asking these types of questions. I would think to myself, I haven’t even offered you a job yet and already you’re asking selfish questions.

Ask relevant questions that will highlight your skills.

Another piece of advice would be to try and relate any of your responses to a real experience that you have had in your past. Try not to answer in a hypothetical way unless they ask you too!

If they are asking about an employee issue or another situation, then try and pull an experience you have had and how you solved it successfully.

Look to your past!

This will mean that your going to have to look back into your past prior to showing up for the interview and drawing on your successes!

Some things to look at would be:

Safety Record – Why was it Good?

Increases in Sales – Why were they Increasing? Customer Satisfaction – What were the Reasons?

Employee Satisfaction – How did you measure it?

These are just a few examples but depending on your job there should be many. Be familiar with this information so that you can interject it when necessary. Be very comfortable with it so it seems natural for you.

Think of this as a formal presentation that you are doing with your boss. How would you prepare if it was your current boss?

There are more things you can do to become better prepared and increase your chances of getting the job that I present in my book. I have tried to price it so that anyone can afford it while still covering my costs. If you are in need of the book but just can’t afford it, email me through my contact page and I would be happy to provide it to you for free. My goal is to help as many people as possible during these hard and difficult times.

Thank you and good luck!

Source by Gregory Covey