How To Budget Your Salary And Save More?


It is often noticed that the salaried people spent a large part of their salary within a few days. Because of which their account balance becomes low soon and there is a shortage of money for the entire month. But today we will give you some special tips through which you can budget your salary under proper planning. This will not empty your account quickly and you will see the benefits of this planning from the first month only.

Plan your Expenses

Financial expert says that before spending the salary, plan your expenses. It is advisable to write down the expenses of the first month. After that you can budget your salary accordingly:-

Majorly everyone’s expenses can be divided into 4 parts:-

Budget Your Salary



  1. 15% for yourself
  2. 25% for grocery and other household items
  3. 35% for dependents
  4. 25% for long term investment


15% of salary for yourself

Let’s assume, your monthly salary is 30 thousand rupees. Out of this, you can keep 15% of your salary for yourself. This 15% salary can be spent on your life style. With this, you can plan party, enjoy a movie or buy personal use products.

What do experts say?

However, experts insists on using this money at right place. As per them, by deducting the lifestyle cost, you can make future plans from this 15 per cent amount. This money can help you financially.

25% spend on groceries

Experts further says that separate 25% of salary for the expenses on the grocery. Groceries include ration from home to other household expenses, or any other regular expense which is attached with your daily life requirements.

35% for Dependents

Experts advises to keep 35% of your salary for your dependent family members. If you are married, then this amount will be very useful for the child, your wife or the parents. Experts say that 35% of this includes the expenses of your child’s school fee or wife’s personal expenses or parents’ expenses.

25% Must be Invested

Apart from above expenses, you must invest 25% of your salary for long term savings. Experts advise to take insurance and invest in Mutual Fund SIPs.

If you have a loan or EMI

Experts say that if your loan or EMI which is deducted every month then it is necessary that you should use your personal expense amount to close all that.


I am sure, if you plan your salary every month there will be no trouble at month-end days. Also you will be able to secure your future better.